Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm Batman, apparently

Today I did a little quiz online after stumbling over it on the "A Dom's life for me" blog. It lists a lot of questions about your character to deduce which hero you could be. I did all the questions honestly and, apparently, I'm Batman.

The actual answer (in percent) was I share characteristics with some heroes like that:

Batman - 71% (well, I always liked him, but I'm a girl)

Lara Croft - 67% (the right gender and we both like history and archaeology)

Neo (from "Matrix") - 63% (well, black sunglasses and a long coat are cool)

William Wallace (Scottish hero) - 58% (fights for right and is not afraid to die)

Captain Jack Sparrow - 54% (I guess I'm missing his fine sense for fashion, though)

The Terminator - 42% (and I wasn't even asked about a possible accent, lucky me)

The Amazing Spider-Man - 38% (but I would like to crawl up walls like he does)

Maximus - 38% (a tie, and I've got no idea who he is)

Indiana Jones - 33% (cool, but I'm German, that doesn't fit)

James Bond - 25% (a true gentleman - which obviously I'm not)

El Zorro - 21% (well, I can't speak Spanish and I can't ride, so what do you expect)

But I think that 71% are quite high, given the fact that I'm neither a man, nor rich, nor living in Gotham. And I don't have trained all my life to avenge my parents either (would be difficult as they're still alive, luckily). As I'm one of the few fans "Batman Begins" actually seems to have, I can't say I'm devastated. And I always liked Batman a lot better than most of his colleagues from the Justice League (actually, during my youth in Germany only Captain America [may he rest in peace] and Superman were widely known, apart from Batman, of course, and some guys from the Marvel Universe).

And if I take the first five heroes listed, the ones I have most in common with, I can't say I'm disappointed (even though I'm not a "Matrix"-fan). Batman, Lara Croft, Neo, William Wallace and Jack Sparrow are not the worst people to be compared to (and William Wallace is even a real person). I would have been quite devastated had I been a lot like the terminator, but only 42% are acceptable (he wears sunglasses and leather a lot, is a loner and doesn't obey the laws, after all).

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