Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guys I like

This post, too, will contain a lot of pictures. I have actually taken care of not picturing any real actor in this post, because to me it is far more important what those characters represent than what the real person would look like. They are just fictitious characters in games or animated movies. So let's begin, shall we?

Alucard (Hellsing):

In the case of this picture, it's the Hellsing OVA about which I've actually written something in the past. Alucard is a midian ... that's 'Hellsing-speak' for vampire, but usually is used for stronger vampires, vampires that were not (Warning: Spoiler ahead!) created artificially. There are some other midians around in the story, mostly shown is Alucard's 'child' Seras Victoria - a young policewoman who gets mortally injured and changed by him in the first OVA.

Alucard actually is - as volume 8 of the manga informs the readers (Warning: Spoiler ahead!) - nobody else but Dracula himself. (Well, I didn't see that coming, it wasn't as if his name would tip anybody off ... just kidding here.) And he has a variety of different looks, but this is what he looks like during most of the story. Quite cute, huh (he really is, but the picture I chose more reflects his dark sides)? Except for the eyes, of course, but that can't be helped (although, admittedly, Seras has blue eyes in the OVA, unless she's using her vampire powers).

What do I like about Alucard? Well, first of all I have a thing for the dark guys around ... I'm not a fan of Prince Charming (no, not even when Shrek is the alternative, give me an ogre every time ... at least I know where I stand then). Apart from that he's sarcastic (and without the vow "no physically real people" Dr. House would have made it into this post) and has a very low view of humans - although he serves one. And if this weren't a post about guys I like, his mistress Integra would be in it, too. He is very old, cunning, dangerous and likes to fight ... a lot.

Pater Alexander Anderson (Hellsing):

Okay, nominally a Roman-Catholic priest would be a good guy. So am I acting against what I just stated? No, not in this case.

Actually, Anderson is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma to me. Up 'til volume 8 of the manga I thought he was younger than the leader of the 13th division of the Vatican, Enrico Maxwell. Now, there's another guy with pale hair (see below), but Enrico isn't really my favourite as far as the 13th division is concerned, Anderson is. But during the manga it turned out (Warning: spoiler ahead!) that he actually knew Enrico as a child, so he must be a lot older than the rest of the division. As he's a regenerator (he can even regenerate head-shots, a good thing if you want to go against Alucard, by the way), that can actually be explained ... shocking.

Anderson is a Paladin of the Roman-Catholic church and absolutely believes in cleaning the earth of all monsters - and a few protestants and other heathens, if the chance presents itself... He's very hard to kill and only gives up a fight when he really, really, really has no chance to win it (unlike some dumb heroes he knows it's better to "live to fight another day"). Together with Alucard, he's pure dynamite, naturally. They obviously were born to fight each other, as none of them can really defeat the other one. Alucard can't be killed by any means working on a 'normal vampire' (not even by beheading) and to stop Anderson, you probably would have to ground him into very fine powder (and even then, keep it in a thick safe somewhere far, far away).

What I like most about Anderson is his total devotion to his cause - and the fact that he looks after orphans whenever his fighting abilities are not needed. Not married (Roman-Catholic priest, remember), likes children, won't die in a car crash on his way to work one day and loves to fight? Perfect combination ... except for the priest-thing, of course.

The Witcher:

As the game isn't even out yet, I've got no real idea about this guy, but he looks good (provided the rest fits, I like guys with pale hair, again, Lucius Malfoy only didn't make it into this post because he's played by a real actor).

I have learned from the articles about this game that he's a loner, more or less fighting for himself. That's what I really like about heroes (and it's too bad I can't get "Discworld Noir" to run properly on my new computer, I'd have another anti-hero to show then), especially about the slightly dark ones. And judging from the cinematic trailer I've taken this picture from, this guy really knows how to fight, too. Hasn't just got a sword, but magic and a chain as well. (To all Femdoms out there who might be reading this [as I'm listed on a Femdom blog, thank you very much, E, you made me so proud to be writing all this stuff]: Yep, he comes with his own chain, but it might prove difficult to tie it around him.)

Prince Arthas (WarCraft 3):

The only guy without a picture, currently. Think of his looks as a Witcher with greenish-blue eyes and a very pale face - he's undead, after all, currently even housing the spirit of the Lich Lord.

During the four campaigns of "WarCraft 3" (the main program, not the add-on), I've grown accustomed to Arthas as he's the hero in the first two (having been a Paladin before he becomes an undead knight). I've also seen how he turned bad while at the same time thinking he was doing the right thing, although probably not while killing his own father in his throne room... But by that time, he had lost his soul already.

What I like about Arthas is that he's a tragically bad guy. He was setting out with good intentions and ended up destroying the very kingdom he fought for - very ironic. And of course, as with all of those guys up to this one, he's a good fighter.

Well, this really turns out to be a post about fighters, doesn't it?

I happen to like men who know how to fight. For one thing, fighters tend to have muscular bodies, but not 'pumped up' too much (that would make them too slow and the perfect fighter in my eyes is agile as well as strong). They also don't shy away from pain, otherwise they wouldn't be in the business.

I also like bad guys ... who else could keep up with my bitchy side? No, really, I've never been interested in the nice guys, the princes, the heroes. They are just too easy to see through. Bad guys have a lot more hidden underneath, these days. (And, coming back to Shrek, I could also say "Bad guys are like onions, they have layers".)

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