Friday, May 18, 2007

A very good tip

While I was going through my blogs, I read a post about Lee Child's novels on "E is for" which got me curious. This resulted in me buying a novel myself, "The Hard Way", which I have read in a day (or rather half of it). That's not absolutely unusual, I can read more than 600 pages in six hours, provided the book is interesting. This one was.

I've shied away from the novels before, because both the covers and the titles of the German translations suggest they have a lot to do with military - and I'm not much interested in anything that has to do with the military (of our world, I can live with military in other worlds). But Elisabeth's post about Jack Reacher has gotten me interested and the description she gave of him sounded like the kind of guy I'd like to read about. I have to agree with her about him being a very interesting and, from the descriptions given in the book (and right at the beginning of it as well), very attractive, too. And what she wrote about the women in the books fit perfectly as well. I like a strong and self-confident man meeting his equal from the other gender. It makes the stories much more interesting than your usual "Hero saves the helpless little Damsel in Distress" - even though, in the end, Jack does quite some "saving the helpless" (and the description of his one-man-war against the bad guys in the book was interesting to read, as violent and brutal as it was - they deserved it, anyway, especially their boss).

I would be hard pressed to name another author I've read who's that capable of writing both the silent stuff (touching scenes and suchlike) and action. I've got no idea about the whole military complex (and I rather cherish my lack of knowledge in that area), but the story was convincingly written and fit together very nicely.

I guess during the next couple of months I'm going to pick up the other novels, one after another, although I doubt I'll imagine holding Jack when I'm done with them ... but then, blond men have never really been my favourite anyway. (And amazon is really your friend when it comes to finding books in foreign language, so I'll get them in English.)

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