Monday, May 07, 2007

Talk like Jägerkin

Actually Hy schtumbled over dis site by exident vile lookink for anodder vun linked to de "Gurl Genius" site. But Hy found it so amusink, Hy hed to vrite a post about dis.


Actually I stumbled over this site by accident while looking for another one linked to the "Girl Genius" site. But I found it so amusing, I had to write a post about this.

This short paragraph has been Jagerized. What that means is that it has been translated into the kind of very heavy, German-looking accent the Jägermonsters in the "Girl Genius" comic speak. Now, if you're from an English-speaking country ... or consider English a foreign language and are not from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you will find the first paragraph hard to read, I think.

I rather find myself thinking about older people in Germany speaking English, because this looks a lot like they sound (because their teachers knew written English, but couldn't pronounce the "th" correctly to save their lives). And as I have a soft spot for the Jägers, I currently feel almost forced to translate the rest as well...

Oops, already happened:

Dis schort paragraph hes been Jagerized. Vat dat means iz dat it hes been trans-lated into de kind uf very heavy, German-lookink accent de Jägermonsters in de "Gurl Genius" komic schpeak. Now, if hyu're from an Engleesh-schpeakink kountry ... or konsider Engleesh a foreign language und hain't from Germhenny, Austria or Svitzerlund, hyu vill find de first paragraph herd to read, Hy tink.

Hy radder find myself tinkink about older pipple in Germhenny schpeakink Engleesh, be-kause dis looks a lot like dey sound (because der teachers knev vritten Engleesh, but kouldn' pronounce de "t" korrectly to saff der lives). Und as Hy hef a suft schpot for de Jägers, Hy kurrently feel almost forced to translate de rest as vell...

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