Friday, September 21, 2007

Annoying Necessities

There are a lot of things which are both annoying and necessary - like work or virus scans.

I'm running a virus scan as I'm writing it which is why I've been thinking about the topic. I use Anti-Vir, a very good and above all cheap program (it's freeware as long as you're not using it for a company). I can't say the program is bad in any way. I can do regular updates without worrying about costs, I get information about the last update and - by now - even about the last time since a complete scan. I tend to forget them, admittedly. As I'm only looking most of the time - except for a few pages I know I can trust - I'm not as endangered as other people might be, but a virus scan is important for everyone who's surfing the internet.

Nevertheless, working while the scan is running always annoys me. It is a necessity I'd love to avoid.

Work is another thing I find both annoying and necessary. I'm not one of those careerists who want to climb the ladder to the top an one day make thousands of Euros every month. Enough to live off it is enough for me.

Especially as I'm working in a job I can't say I really love - telemarketing -, I don't really miss work when I can't go or don't have any (like at the moment, but that will soon be past, I hope). I have enough to do during the day even without work - especially at the moment as I'm studying to be a web-master. And I think it will be different once I'm working in that job. Telemarketing is hell on earth, that much is for sure.

My next work could prove to be different and be some kind of a mixed blessing. I've had an interview on Wednesday for a back-office job with a energy company in my area. It's something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand it will mean less phone calls and more office work - something I'd love -, but on the other hand it will also mean commuting (luckily by train - I love train rides and I could learn while travelling then) and rising early. I'm not an early riser by nature and was quite glad I could work close to home during the last two years. But every good thing must end and I cherish the idea of getting another job than telemarketing far more than I bemoan the fact I'd have to rise early for it.

After all, I'd get to travel to Karlsruhe every day of the week then. I could check for my favourite manga there, the local comic shop has more of them than my favourite bookshop in my hometown does. As I'm living alone, nobody would mind if I came back late one day a month (or even every week). But what can I say? I'm a creature of habit.

Yes, sometimes life can be full of annoying necessities and virus scans and work are but two of them...

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