Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I hate blue screens!

This post was brought about by my computer crashing when I tried to turn it off.

I like blue as a colour, it's my favourite colour actually (although my websites might suggest something different, especially "Night-Shade"). But I hate the blue screen you get when the computer crashes. I almost hate it more than I hate it when the computer freezes. That's what the restart button was created for, after all. Just press it and everything is well again...

Again and again I thought "I'll switch to Linux or UNIX, they're safer", but I didn't. I love computer games and most don't run under any other operating system than Windows. Damn Bill Gates! And as I'm not a programmer (yet, unless you count websites, but I plan on learning about Flash-programming after the web-master course), I don't really need an absolutely stable environment - or so I usually think until I get the damn blue screen again!

I don't like using Microsoft products, but I don't have much of a chance when it comes to the operating system and my word processor (when I started working with one, I had Works, later on I needed Word for my essays at university - Open Office wasn't out then). I'm too used to Word to just give it up. That's a weak excuse, I know, but it's the truth. I switched from Wordpad to Word once and had to redesign my texts, I'm not doing it again! (Thought I wouldn't have to do, Open Office can read the Word format ... but then, I already decided not to buy another Word version a long time ago.)

I will turn off the computer again now, and may God have mercy on Bill Gates' soul if I get a blue screen again ... for my revenge will be devastating!

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