Sunday, September 30, 2007

The seedy sites of the net

Over the last couple of days I've been surfing the seedier sites of the internet. It was both amusing and disturbing - but on the whole more amusing, I should say.

It all started out with the only "Echi"-link I had before ("Echi" has been coined as a synonym for "Hentai" - Manga/Anime with sexual content -, because "echi" is the way Japanese pronounce the letter "H"). Starting there I travelled blind, clicking on links that seemed interesting (and included words like "free", because just for looking around I surely won't pay any money) until the number of links in my "Echi"-category went up by 300 percent (as I've added three new links, featuring manga-styled flash games, mostly).

What I've found, was disturbing sometimes, as a lot of "Hentai"-movies (and games) are hardcore and there's still the strange category of tentacle-movies out there. ("Tentacle-movies" come from a Japanese Law, that might have been withdrawn by now, but I'm not sure. Originally showing genitals, especially male genitals, was forbidden, so the producers of animated porn-movies created demons or aliens with loads of slightly penis-like tentacles. You might start up your imagination now as to where that leads to in a porn movie. Go on, I'm sure you can't think up anything the movies have not shown by now.)

The more amusing parts came from most of the games, though. Part of the amusement is the question of what the creators took before actually creating games like those, part comes from the graphics - and the sounds. I rarely watch websites with my speakers on, but in this case I did and got more terrible and unfitting synchros than ever before. Especially the German accent of one character in a small movie clip was hideous and rather made me laugh.

A lot of feminists out there might state now that porn of any kind is belittling and humiliating women - and on the whole they're right -, but as most of the stuff I found is animated and largely exaggerated, I can't really take it serious. In addition, as it only happens to animated characters instead of real people, I see it as an abstraction rather than a reality.

The seedier sites of the internet - I wouldn't want to live there, but it was fun to take a look around. And I surely learned a lot about human nature...

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