Friday, September 14, 2007

It gets more bloody

With the third OVA, the Anime-series "Hellsing" has left the German youth behind. No. 3 has been sorted into the category of movies only suitable for adults - and with good reason, admittedly.

The story of "Hellsing" definitely isn't one for kids. It's about vampires and soldiers and war. Ultimately it's about blood, therefore.

The new OVA-series (called "Hellsing Ultimate") is very close to the manga, as I have pointed out in past posts. And, after the first two volumes of the manga, the war against undead Nazis is about to start.

The war starts in Brazil - which is quite fitting, considering how many Nazis went to South America after WW II. And everything definitely gets more bloody from then on. Alucard, the main character (and monster) of the story, has only killed vampires and ghouls (as those victims of a vampire that are no virgins and therefore don't get changed into true undead are called in the series) before - well, during the stories, that is. But Alucard's main principle is "those who attack me have to die" and it doesn't matter whether they are human or not. So a whole squad of elite soldiers is disposed by him before it comes to a fight with the first vampire who has sided with Millennium (that's the name of the organisation the undead Nazis have build up). It's a very bloody fight, of course. Two predators going at each other never is nice.

Technically the third OVA is as great as the other two - and as future ones will be, too, I guess. The graphics are better than those of the old TV-series (the end of which does not fit with the manga as it was produced before the main story started), the character design is more true to that of the manga. And it encompasses all the main scenes (including a rather funny scene in a museum where Seras Victoria leads a group of Japanese tourist right between Alucard and Anderson who want to start a fight).

Currently I can neither wait for the next OVA to come up (as it will include a very young Walter and I always wanted to know why he's been named "Angel of Death") and volume 9 of the manga to be published in Germany. I hate waiting!

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