Monday, September 10, 2007

A scary weekend

Isn't he cute? That's the Monster Shark.

After getting all those DVDs, as I wrote already, I spent the weekend watching them, naturally. So my weekend was rather scary.

I started with "Monster Shark" right the day I got the DVDs. Nothing new there, the story and the creature were as hideous as I remembered. Thursday and Friday were spent with "Final Fantasy VII" and "Kizuna", a lot less scary, but very amusing (especially "Kizuna"). Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, were spent with "Vampire Bats" and "Jeepers Creepers" (both parts).

I surely got entertained by the movies. "Vampire Bats" is, basically, your normal 'human action created mutated monsters' movie. But while the "Monster Shark" was at least build on purpose, the bats just mutated because they were near poisonous stuff. So they started sucking humans dry - and I found it difficult not to pull out some pompoms and cheer them on "Go, Bats! Go, Bats! Just one more! And now the mayor! Go, Bats! Go!". Nevertheless, Lucy Lawless was great in the movie - and I can imagine watching it again soon. That's a good sign when it comes to movies.

And then I watched "Jeepers Creepers". I'd watched the movies before, but only partially and on TV (where ads pretty much destroy the tension). This time I watched them completely and I enjoyed them. The Creeper surely is one of the most interesting monsters I've seen in a horror movie - and I've seen lots of them. To me it's an interesting mixture between a teen-slasher movie (as the main characters are mostly teenagers or young adults) and a real monster movie (as the Creeper is not going after teens on purpose, he feeds on those who are best suited to sustain him).

In addition I will state here that the fast-paced action sequences of "Final Fantasy VII" were breathtaking and the fun I had while watching the domestic dispute between the main characters in "Kizuna" was almost too good to be legal. (And, as "Kizuna" is Shonen Ai, meaning a homosexual couple, in some countries it might be.)

The weekend was basically the way I like them most: with lots to do (got the new "The Sims 2" Add-On and killed some Sims to fill my graveyard, too) and a lot of fun.

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