Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Kaori Yuki

As I have stated more than once, I'm not only a manga-fan, but also a fan of Kaori Yuki's work. Currently luck seems to be on my side, as far as this is concerned.

Two of her manga are going to be published this year, "Perfume Master" has been published now, the second volume of "Ludwig Revolution" will be published in December.

"Perfume Master" is the story of a young man with exceptional talents. His sense of smell is keen enough to even smell out a certain type of rose perfume on a person wearing a large bouquet of roses. And this is was usually gets him into trouble. And it's his cousin who gets him out of it again - the girl does not only look like a model (she's from France, her father married an aunt of the perfume master and brought her into the marriage), but also is a very dangerous fighter. Although, admittedly, sometimes it's his cousin who gets both of them into trouble.

As usually, the story of "Perfume Master" (or rather the three stories) is a very dark one. The secrets the young man finds out about usually have to do with murder, death and revenge. And the characters all have the special look I like so much, the rather unusual look only Kaori Yuki draws.

The first volume of "Ludwig Revolution" on the other hand was published quite some time ago, including four different stories based on European fairy tales. They were connected by the main character, Prince Louis (or Ludwig, as both names have the same base) who is looking for a bride. Ludwig/Louis is a rather strange character, looking for girls with big breasts (although in a side note the author admits it's rather more her obsession than his...). He also tends to fall for murderous, endangered or cursed girls, which in turn gets him into trouble as well, very much to the dismay of his servant William who then has to try and get him out of that trouble again. Neither Snow White (who, in this story, really is a scheming little bitch), Little Red Riding Hood (who was William's childhood crush and has turned into an assassin), Sleeping Beauty (who dies upon being awaken after a hundred years - what do you expect, honestly?) or a girl wanted by Bluebeard (who's quite a weakling, and stupid, mistaking the over six feet tall prince for a girl) have proven to be the right bride.

The second volume will feature four more European fairy tales and I'm already really waiting for it - I always thought one volume wasn't enough. And I hope Dorothea, the witch from "Sleeping Beauty" (in the first volume) will be making another appearance. So I'll wait for volume two and hope for more ghastly, bloody and scary stories to feast upon.

And I hope for yet more manga by Kaori Yuki who is just as fascinated by the dark side of the human mind as I am...


Chrys said...

How many chapters are there in one book? I saw one in one of our bookstores and I was thinking it might be a one shot. Is it?

Cay Reet... said...

"Perfume Master" is a one-shot, but "Ludwig Revolutions" currently has three volumes, volume four should be out sometime next year (in Germany). "Ludwig Revolutions" usually runs 4 chapters per book (although 2 or more might deal with the same story, Cinderella, for example).

Sparky said...

I love this woman's style! I'm currently trying to read Perfume Master in french (which is difficult, but it's worth it!)