Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Quizzes are driving me nuts

When I did the last change on my website "Night-Shade", I promised to do some tests and quizzes on the site - using my other website for my stories. By now I have to admit that the quizzes are getting the better of me.

I thought with JavaScript I would be able to get the quizzes done. I mainly needed to make sure I got the points counted during a quiz, after all. JavaScript can do that.

But now, after searching the internet for various scripts to create a quiz, I'm still not getting anywhere - and I hate that. I'm quite sure I've got the points-gathering part right by now, but I can't get the damn site to give me the results, no matter how hard I try. Now, looking at PHP (see last post), I think it might be easier to achieve my goal with PHP. But, unfortunately, I'm quite sure I can't work with PHP while using my current webspace. Too bad, but then, on the other hand, it didn't cost me any money.

I'll still continue to work on the quizzes, maybe I'll find the solution for my problem - as those writing the scripts I found online obviously think it would work. There has to be a way to do this - and I'll find it, that much is for sure.

And afterwards I might do an English version of this site, too. Unlike "Geschichtenschmiede", which mostly has German stories as I write this, "Night-Shade" would work for English-speaking visitors just as well as for those from Germany.

I'm going to solve this problem, even if it kills me!

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