Sunday, September 30, 2007

Size Double Zero

People are strange sometimes - and some seem to be outright mad. As I've learned today, there's a new size out there: double zero. (By the way, in Germany 00 is a sign for the toilet ... think about the strange coincidence.)

The article with mentioned it, also mentioned a couple of really thin actresses who mostly have thinned down because of their husbands/boyfriends. That is something I would never do.

Those women are famous by their own rights (there were Keira Knightly, Angelina Joli, Terry Hatcher and some others mentioned), why should they even heed the commands of their boyfriends/husbands? It's not as if they would be left in poverty after getting a divorce.

And if a producer told me (provided I had a normal shape, which I haven't, admittedly) I had to get really thin, just because that's fashionable at the moment, I'd ask him to get a brain and a firm grasp on the concept of 'healthy' body shapes. It's not as if those women mentioned up there could not live off their money for the rest of their lives...

I've stated before that I don't see the point in "Size 0" - or in women looking like they'd just been found locked away in a basement for a couple of months without food. A woman is a woman and is - in my book - supposed to look like one. That means a female shape with some nice padding above the waistline (and I'm sure men would appreciate that, see post above for more details on the seedier sites of the net) and around their lower backside. It's what makes us women, damn it!

Yes, there are women around who are very thin by nature, but even they don't look as skeleton-like as the models and more and more of the actresses do these days. The way she looks now, for example, I don't want to see Angelina Joli as Lara Croft again. Lara has often been accused of not looking realistic, but she was never accused of being thin, either.

"Double Zero" is even more of a fallacy from my point of view. Women are reduced to little more - at least in looks and weight - than pre-pubescent girls. That's not 'girl power', that's rather power over girls (and women). A woman that unnaturally thin (as opposed to a woman naturally thin who will never look like that) is easy to control and to overpower. A woman that thin is not a strong woman, although she might think differently. She is caught either in a nightmare of her own (like a lot of people with eating disorders are), then she needs professional help. Or she is caught in the dreams of people who don't want her best (like actresses or models that have to heed to their producers or designers dreams), then she should free herself from those restrictions.

Yes, in a way you could even say that "Double Zero" is a proof of the fact that feminism still hasn't really caught on... What a shame.

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derHippieTusse said...

Ich stimme mit dir überein. Ich bin weder groß noch klitzeklein (mittelgroß Kleidergröße, mittelgewicht), und offen gestanden dies fremd Abbild... das beleidigt mein Auge. Danke für Ihre Bemühungen in dem Bestreben zu... die Wahrheit sagen... für sagend was geht uns alle an. Wir dürfen uns nicht täuschen- wir sind besser dran sonder Männer niederkämpfend uns soviel sie wollen, ja? Nicht nachlassen! Bis später. :)