Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gate to Hell

"Hellgate: London" will be published in Germany at the beginning of November (the 2nd of November is the official launching date). It has been through the USK (where the ratings are decided) by now and not been found suitable for children, meaning it will get a mature rating of 18+.

To me that's not a problem, I'm a good deal over eighteen and thus can buy the game easily enough. And, to be honest, I have been waiting for this game (and I've even mentioned it in a post before). I like role-playing games - although I like those who feature a strong story more than those with a lot of action - and "Hellgate: London" has an unusual setting.

Most role-playing games are set in a fantasy environment with dwarfs, trolls, elves and so on. "Hellgate: London" is set in a modern, high-tech environment. The enemies will mostly been demons, monsters and the walking dead. The pictures I've seen - both static and in movement - are great. The character classes are great, too - I'm already set on the blade-master as the first character to play, as I simply love strong close-quarter fighters. And the systems around it (character development, augmentation of weaponry and so on) seems to be good as well.

But what fascinated me most from the very beginning, was the fact that the game was not set in the usual environment. Seeing people fight in underground tunnels (complete with railways), in modern city streets and other places of our modern world, has gotten me interested immediately.

Besides, the game is fast-paced, more some sort of new "Diablo" (and gamers are still waiting for "Diablo 3", it's a running gag come true) than an epic game. I played the first "Diablo" for quite some time, but never got much out of the second - too much like the first, too little my taste.

I will buy the game as soon as I find it, that much is for sure. Hunting demons is fun - and something I always wanted to do in the modern times.

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