Friday, September 14, 2007

RIP my Sims

Yes, I have done it again, I've bought the new Add-On for "The Sims 2". I just can't help it, I really like the game and every new Add-On really adds new possibilities to it.

Now my Sims can travel to three different locations for a holiday trip: Asia, the Caribbean and a mountain area. But that's not what this post will mainly be about. Although I could probably write two pages or more about the fact that those damn Sims are always practicing Tai Chi once they've learned it, you can't leave them alone for a minute or so without seeing them change into their sports suit. Grrrrr.

Apart from playing several families in Strangetown, one of the neighbourhoods you get with the original game, I'm also building Oakdale, my own neighbourhood.

Oakdale has - or will have at any rate - all the areas possible with the current Add-Ons: The main neighbourhood where most Sims just live, a college, a downtown (with clubs and so on), a shopping area and now, with the last Add-On, three areas for a vacation.

With the second Add-On (Nightlife) a neighbourhood could also have a cemetery (before that you had to keep your dead relatives - or former inhabitants of the house - around, either as urns [inside] or gravestones [outside]). As Oakdale has a custom downtown (meaning I'm building all those shops, clubs, discos and so on by myself), it also doesn't have a 'grown' cemetery.

Now, creating a cemetery that's devoid of graves would be quite stupid, so I've build a special lot to 'harvest' them. In other words: I'm creating whole families of Sims just to kill them, so that my 'Grim Reaper' (she really exists, a female with the family name Reaper and the first name Grim ... yes, I know, I need help) can pick up the gravestones/urns and take them to the cemetery (that works, as Sims have their own inventory in which they can keep every object they want). The lot, aptly named "The Deathtrap", consists of two large rooms without roofs, a wall for holding the doors of the rooms so Sims can't get out of them and die of starvation and three pools, one very small and just meant to hold the ladders so Sims can't leave the pool and drown when getting too tired. Have I mentioned already that I need help?

The first victim of my 'killing spree' actually was killed in Strangetown and he's still in the garden of his former house (now inhabited by a Sim I created to test those various vacation sites). I've even seen him spook around during a night, he scared the hell out of the new owner, actually. The next morning she dutifully cleaned the debris (dead flowers) off his grave and he's been a dear and stayed in his gravestone ever since.

There's two easy ways to kill a Sim - drowning and starvation, the methods I use on my deathtrap-lot. But, because Sims imprisoned in a room without a door, need to pee as well - and I don't want the next Sim with a death warrant on his head to have to clean everything away - I've put a toilet in my two rooms. The pools don't need one, although peeing in the water doesn't make the Sims very happy.

Six more Sims will have to die, the rest of the cemetery will fill up all by itself once I really start playing the neighbourhood - as people will die of natural courses or accidents and quite likely families moving into a lot where someone has died before will put the gravestone/urn in the cemetery instead of keeping it at home.

Now I wonder is this just my own build-in darkness or do I kill all those Sims because the "Killerspiele" have finally gotten me?

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