Friday, September 14, 2007

Sometimes I wonder

...if men will at some point realize there's more than one way to get a woman hot. They think flexing muscles and showing off wealth is a sure-fire way to get a woman into bed and forget that seduction is a subtle art form.

While I was thinking about the new role of men in society I wondered why men seem to be allergic to housework. I mean, they're always going on about being so strong and knowing that much about technology. What would be better for them, then, than to take a vacuum cleaner (which is a technical machine) and move aside the furniture to get the room cleaned? That's a lot more 'male' than to sit behind a desk at work and let the secretary write the letters you just sign.

Do not misunderstand me! I do not want to put a man in a maid's costume. I don't think it would suit most men. But think about what you could tell a man to motivate him to do more housework.

"Darling, seeing you with that vacuum cleaner makes me so hot, the way you handle the big, big pipe. I think, while you're finishing the living room, I'll slip into the bedroom and put on something more ... comfortable."

"I never knew you looked that good on a ladder while cleaning the windows, darling. Couldn't you climb up one more step? I think tonight we'll pretend it's Saturday already..."

And so on. Put in your own thoughts. And think about how manly a man can look while ironing his own shirts and pants, especially while doing those sharp creases...

Yes, I know it fits more into the category "hot dreams", at least currently. And I don't think it's necessary for a man to do the housework nude - although that shouldn't be a reason to stop him from trying -, but I think every woman would like coming home after eight hours of work and seeing her boyfriend/lover/husband going through the flat with the vacuum cleaner so she can just sit down and relax.

Who knows? It really might lead to some more sex...

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