Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New DVDs

Given the fact that I had ordered some DVDs some time ago and some last week, I got two packages with DVDs today, a total of four new movies:

- Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

- Kizuna

- Vampire Bats

- Monster Shark

In addition I also got volume 6 of "Trinity Blood", but that's a manga and doesn't count here...

What can I say about movies I haven't even seen yet?

A lot, actually, since I know what I've been buying (except for "Vampire Bats").

For those of you who have seen "Final Fantasy" and now wonder how they could miss part 2 to 6: You haven't missed anything. The movie I mentioned above is based on part 7 of a series of games for consoles. As it retells the story of the seventh part of the series, it has been named like the game it's based on. The characters are computer generated (which is good in this case, because almost all computer games they filmed with real actors were crap), as is the surrounding. The scenes I've already seen (and which, together with the low price, inspired me to buy the movie) were great.

"Kizuna" is the third movie based on a Shonen Ai story I bought (the first was "Fake" and the second was the "Gravitation" OVA). I like the manga a lot and so I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the movie as well. "Fake" and "Kizuna" still happen to be my favourite Shonen Ai stories.

As I wrote already, I can't write much about "Vampire Bats", except for the fact that the movie features Lucy Lawless (aka Xena) and I like movies about blood-drinking monsters - especially if they were created by humans. Which, accidentally, brings me to the next (and last) movie on the list:

"Monster Shark" (which I mentioned already in a post about the dunkleosteus) is a horror movie I've seen before (and sure as hell would not have bought for more than the few Euros I spent for it now). What I like most about the movie is the hideous "shark" which looks like a mixture between an octopus and a dunkleosteus (that's an extinct fish with bone plates all around the front part of its body). I always wondered why they called it a shark - the creature sure looks scary enough even without being named a shark. What about "Monster Fish"? Or "The creature that can strangle and dismember you at the same time"? Or "Tentacles"? (That was a reminiscence to "Jaws" ... at least it was meant to be.) Well, Davy Jones would have liked him, smaller than the Krakken, but not less dangerous...

I see some good evenings coming, even with the bad TV-program you get in Germany these days...

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